Beijing Masayuki Zheng Qingsheng, director of the Institute of Human mechanics has become a well-known "Challenger." ???? According to Beijing Science and Technology News reported, in an interview, the 39-year-old researcher wearing shoes with their patent leather shoes produced by the hands holding a thick, up to hundreds of pages of documentary evidence. "(Sue Nike) not for fame and wealth, I feel like opening on the runaway aircraft, initially just wanted to comparing a true, now is compelling." "All the evidence is very clear that it (Nike) is unscientific propaganda It is to deceive consumers. "???? Zheng Qingsheng opponent is world famous" shoe king "--- Nike. Its aim is to win the case in court it, in order to "tell the children and their parents, wearing cheap jordan shoes for men Nike Air shoes, 'run faster', 'jump higher' nonsense." ???? world "shoe king" alleged "pseudo-scientific fraud", in China ???? 2005 sit in the dock at 8:30 am on May 20, the West Side Court hearing Zheng Qingsheng consumers sued Nike pseudo scientific fraud publicity case. Day of the trial, due to the temporary increase in court Zheng Qingsheng the claims of evidence charges, Nike also asked to extend the reply period. Ten minutes hearing the presiding judge adjourned the trial will be. The second trial is expected to be June 6 in the morning in 15 days. ???? alleged that such proceedings Nike encountered in China for the first time. The parties appearing before the company's comments on the case to the relatively low-key. Miss Yang Shuang assistant ???? Nike p cheap jordans for sale mens ublic relations manager in a media interview that the company Nike air cushion protection technology with confidence, millions around the world athletes wearing Nike Air shoes, cushion shoes function, comfort is Nike's most concerned about the issue, in cooperation with a number of experts for many years, rigorously tested. ???? Clearly, in the production and marketing of sports shoes, Nike is a winner. Some praise at any time can be found in everyday life. In an intercept against high school students visit, the reporter found that there are a considerable number of young people prefer the Nike brand, while more than 60% of workers believe that it represents a fashion. ???? Nike Air shoes in the minds of young people has a very high visibility and reputation, so Cheap air jordan 12 taxi for sale online free shipping that after the media commented, "the price of the thousand or so with a pair of Nike Air shoes, a favorite sport of many young people dream of." ???? why Nike rigorously tested in the "Science" into a lawsuit ???? "Nike Air shoes a lot of publicity can not afford the most basic scientific inquiry. Nike Air shoes around a lot of publicity is false, there is no scientific basis, while others are pseudo-science. However, many people, including children and adults, it is precisely in these propaganda and agitation in complete purchases. "Zheng Qingsheng said. ???? "I am engaged in the footwear study full 10 years, they would get some patents. According to my knowledge have shoes and human sciences, I find it difficult to understand Nike Air shoes blatant propaganda Retro jordans for sale of specific functions, such as, 'run Faster ',' jump higher, '' but also help fly ';' is the best equipment of basketball, '' trapeze driving force ';' with perfect stability and traction '(actually a pair of shoes with traction? ) "According to reports, around September 2001, Zheng Qingsheng noticed Nike Air shoes massive publicity," There are a lot of questions, "" hopes for an explanation. " "Later, after my personal research, that claimed to have the world's R & D laboratories and many experts shoe, not the birth of an article published in mainstream scientific journals to introduce the scientific basis paper air-cushioned shoes." ???? Zheng Qingsheng told reporters, In the beginning of last year, he has three fax to Nike headquarters in China, trying to co cheap foamposites mmunicate questioned cushion shoe. Nike also said that attention, but since then no news. ???? Nike Air technology, "confident" ???? Zheng Qingsheng lawsuit against Nike sporting goods company to respond to media inquiries aspect recently in the form of e-mail. In reply, Miss Yang Shuang, public relations manager wrote: ???? "for Nike NIKE AIR (Nike Air shoes --- Editor's Note) buffer protection technology comfort sneakers confident performance, protection and wearer. NIKE primary consideration is the question .NIKE AIR to come out since 1979, through the use of technology in sports shoes NIKE AIR hundreds of millions of people, including professional athletes, college athletes and amateur sports enthusiasts and other athletes at all levels, involving many sport Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping s, including running, basketball, tennis and so on. ????NIKE AIR buffer protection technology is based on the world-class sports experts to work together years of research and testing have NIKE AIR cushioning protection technology is NIKE sports shoes Research Laboratory has undergone rigorous testing thousands of times, including analog motion scenes and laboratory testing to ensure its safety and functionality.. " (Tong light) from the 25 EU Member States composed of representatives of the "permanent representative committee" in 20 days to Chinese and Vietnam footwear commodity levy import tariffs did not reach an agreement, the European footwear industry once again highlight the proportion of traditional national retail and large differences across count Retro jordans for sale ries. This is the third in August 3rd after the setback. Prior to September 13th, 25 member states in the 13 day of the vote, 14 votes against anti-dumping duties, 11 votes in favor. 20 days this month on behalf of the EU Member States, the Commission still anti-dumping proposal submitted in August 30th, to a China and Vietnamese leather shoes were collected 16.5% and 10% of the 5 years of anti-dumping duties, including 38 children under the shoes, but high-grade sports shoes are still out of the anti-dumping scope. because fail to reach agreement on tariffs on imports of EU ministers had to decide how to deal with the issue of cheap Asian footwear products in the October 5th meeting of the. if the EU can not launch a new plan in Octob cheap jordans for sale er 6th, then will lose the opportunity to adjust tariffs, the current round of anti-dumping will be declared an end. at present, in Sweden, Denmark and the Nordic countries Holland, Luxemburg, Germany and Ireland advocates of trade liberalization countries against the Commission's final recommendations; final recommendations to support Italy, Spain and Portugal as the representative of the southern European countries and France, Greece and Hungary, and other footwear production china. (Editor: admin) core tip: the European Council voted in October 5th to approve the formal anti-dumping duties on Chinese and Vietnamese leather shoes. According to the scheme, the European Union imposed an anti-dumping duty of 16.5%% and 10%% on leather shoes for two Cheap air jordans for sale years from October 7th. And previously not included in the provisional anti-dumping duties levied within the scope of children's shoes, will be included in the scope of formal anti-dumping duties levied. the subsequent impact of the message was transmitted to Shenyang in October 18th. Shenyang customs official clothing and textile industry association said in an interview with reporters, the EU is the main export market for footwear products Liaoning, pressure high anti-dumping tax, the export of footwear Liaoshen pattern change again. "Shenyang shoes" to attack South Korea market "Liaoning exports of footwear products to the leather footwear, the majority of exports to the EU region, followed by the United states. However, the anti-dumping tax, Ja cheap jordans online panese exports rose rapidly, to become the footwear export market in liaoning." Shenyang garment and textile industry chamber of Commerce Secretary General Lou Jinghong 18, said. it is understood that the Levy of anti-dumping tax to stimulate the Liaoshen footwear products to Japan, South Korea's export market. At present, the "Shenyang shoes" the number of exports to the EU has begun to decline, South Korea's two largest market catch up from behind. shoes enterprise transformation difficult to avoid cost increase "anti-dumping duties levied, the direct impact is the enterprises, shoes enterprises cost pressures increased."." Said Mr. Song, a shoe manager in the Sujiatun district. "in fact, we are well prepared, and we are adjusting our business direction."." Song manager told reporters, "the pressure is also driving force, can promote enterprise transformation, enhance brand and quality, but the transformation really let us put in a lot of money."." Ms. Li, another business operator, said. Whether enterprises choose new markets, or to promote brand introduction of equipment, engage in marketing publicity, shoe-making enterprises will add new costs "bill."". At the same time, shoes prices also have to bear the recent sharp rise in raw material pressure. According to the Shenyang garment and textile industry association responsible person, on the whole, most of Shenyang shoe enterprises have a positive transformation, including: looking for new markets, improve the product brand, for the new cooperation mode and so on. Shenyang Shoes in the turbulence "reshuffle" because of the great advantages of China's footwear industry, such as labor force, raw materials and basic equipment, it determines the importance of Chinese shoes in the international footwear industry. Similarly, the footwear industry is also a strong export project in Liaoning." Shenyang clothing spinning)AIR flight HUARACHE as the year's first huarache series of basketball representative, will naturally occur every year in brand engraved in the list, and this first year color is most important, in the same season last year engraved, and when 2015 into summer, color again engraved return, has landed the US version for sale, priced at $115, No. 686203-100. get reloaded, the app store search "get" to download the latest version, more information about shoes, more beauty pretty shoes, Nike grab shoes, true and false identification of shoes, cool T-shirt gold and get everything; detailed inquiry micro letter "dunkhome", "getdunkhome", micro Bo "when the guest," "getapp" and get our sports life!European Cup French team color Nike Air Woven 2013-12-08 22:08:13 Nike recently launched a new Nike Air Woven. Japanese fashion godfather Hiroshi Fujiwara cooperation with Nike, Nike Air Woven have gradually become synonymous with classic signs and trends. This is the European Cup teams jersey color design elements. We see is one of the French team's color, in addition to five different colors, representing different countries and black and white football.